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Act 00164
Walker Arts Centre
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  • This work made for the Walker Arts Centre is based on four UN Resolutions on Iraq dated 1990(x2), 2002 and 2003. Each Resolution is one sentence, and each is significant not just in their claims and content, but also in their voice, grammar, sense of authority, and rule under law. Liberty is a founding and legitimising principle of the United States and liberalism in the U.S is a whole way of being and thinking. It is a type of relation between the governors and the governed, and there has never been a more concentrated vision of contemporary U.S. neo-liberal utopia than Bremers 100 orders in Iraq. These laws were put in place by the Bush administration who attempted to force more wrenching changes in one sweletering summer than the IMF has managed to enact over three decades in Latin America. These orders are core beliefs of the Neo-Conservatives and in this concentrated form it can be seen how far U.S liberal values have shifted from Roosevelt's Works Project Administration (which is a key part of the Walker Arts Centre history) to a vision of the Free Market.

    Whilst Bremers Orders are the exclamation point in this work, the multiple marginalia on each Resolution go beyond the known facts as to how Iraq is being erased, implicating these UN resolutions as a script authored by the Deep State. That term is widely used in Turkey to address the largely covert state within the state that utilises violence and other means of pressure to manipulate political and economic elites, and to ensure specific interests are satisfied within a seemingly democratic political framework.

    With record Torture Memos and works from the Walker Art Collection Archive.